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Team GSB Players
Shannon Murphy  
Shannon the Canon Murphy.
AKA The Cincinnati Kid.
This guy is a mutant who bends ball in ways they are not ment to warp.  If Murph is near a table the action is sure to be close by.  Every time he breaks a rack its an adventure for any avid pool fan.  Murph has snapped off numerous tournies and placed 3rd in the DCC banks with his trutsy GSB full splice cue.  Murph is more then a welcome addition to what we do here at GSB.  From us to Murph we just have to say.... Swing it Kid.... get the stew.
Michael Leek
AKA Shadey
AKA Miller Lite Mike
AKA Freak Show
Mike is an old Boss playa and a legitimate stand up guy.  Mike retired his old trusted sneaky to pick up a GSB and has not looked back.  He swears we preloaded it with 4 railers.  Mike loves to get a good by the rail bank game going and is very easy to find in any pool hall situation.  Just listen for "Step right up Everyone's a winner!".  We consider Mike and his wife to be huge proponents of the GSB Family and we hope that does not change any time soon.

Kat Stant
Kat has been playing pool since 2016 and has turned an obsession into a lifestyle.  She spends as much time on the table as possible weekly and loves to support the junior players as often as possible.  She travels on the weekends to as many tournaments as she can get into.  GSB chose to do a cue sponsorship to  her because in our eyes she is a true ambassador in a sport we love.  We look forward to a long working friendship.  Keep an eye out for further developments!
William Jr

William was the recipient of our cue this year on the Jr tour.  Couldn't think of a better person to get it.  Always working with other juniors to help promote the game that he loves.  This is one of the strongest people I have met and I am very proud to have him shoot with one of my cues.  This boy never stops.  

Kaleb stuck out for his intensity and passion for the game.  He is an up and comer and one of the youngest to sport our cues.  He is really progressing at a fast pace and we are working to get him more experience in some of the bigger tournaments.  This boy will be one to watch in the future.

Vega is really coming to her own with very impressive finishes in women's tournaments as of late.  You can really tell she is putting in some work on her down time.  She also plays on team and enjoys the large tournaments and the comradery of here fellow players.  She represents us well and we look forward to her progress on and off the table.

Alexis has a drive that will not let her settle.  This is evident in all aspects of life with her.  Her favorite quote is "It's not over till its over," and this is evident as you can see the passion in her eyes for the game.  She is a rare combination of built up motivation with a level head.  Alexis has set high goals and puts in the time to reach them.