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Our Cue Building Processes

Through today's technology and products available on the market we have developed a joint that is producing an unbelievably solid hitting cue.  We exclusively use the radial pin in our cues.  It provides the most pin to wood contact on any pin in the market.  This in combination with our double sleeved joint process produces an exceptional hitting cue. 

The quality does not stop there!  Joining the forearm and the butt to the cue is just as critical.  We use a radial connecting screw along with tight tolerances to produce a sound butt section.  This gives good feed back throughout the whole cue.  No reason to cut corners with a cheaper connecting screw.  We want quality and that's what we give in every cue!

Our handle wood is also of high quality.  We don't skimp on any of the high end exotics used so why go cheap here.  At the very minimum we use a high quality clean straight grained maple.  The handle distributes the feel of the cue through the contact point of your hand.  It is were everything comes together.  No need to cheapen the cue when we can use top quality woods to accentuate the hit.
We can get the weight of your cue and balance dialed in through two methods.  We can custom build your cue through internal weight or the use of a weight bolt.  This combined with material selection will give you an incredibly balanced cue.  It might sound heavy to some but once you feel a GSB Cue you will know what we are talking about.
The butt cap is pocketed for our bumper to produce a nice transition for the cue.  This is not just for looks as it protects the cue.  Lateral loads will not pull the bumper loose.  As the bumper is tightened down, it creates a nice solid fit.  Would you expect anything other than a nice engineered butt cap?

A quality shaft is a must on the cue.  We use good straight grained maple with HIGH GROWTH RING content.  These shafts are more dense and produce a better feel with lower deflection.

The cue's finish is the show stopper.  This is what catches everybody's eye.  Our cues have a high luster to them.  This is due to the clear coat process and the 6 step buffing process.

You will find that we take care and pride in every cue that is produced.  I know I want to shoot with a high quality good hitting cue and that is what I am looking to share with you.  Quality!  I hope to produce a cue that hits like no other and has great  craftsmanship.  I don't just want to make cues.  I want each and every cue to stand out and be passed down for generations as something to be prized and loved by their owners.  Try a GSB Cue and see what everyone is talking about.