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Where playability meets beauty!

    When you walk up to the table looking to play a few games there is only one thing backing you.  Your cue!  Whether your an advid player enjoying the experience of the game or the all night shooter making their rent money, you know how important it is to have that consistent hit stroke after stroke.  As the shots get more difficult you know you and your cue is a team that will soon be recognized. 


    That is where a GSB Cue comes into play.  We have strived to put the engineering and craftsmanship into or cues to give you exactly what you are looking for.  With our unique hit and hand selected woods, each cue is hand crafted to give you that personal touch you've been craving.  Once you have a cue fitted for your style, you won't want to play with anything else.


    In a market that has everything to offer, you can spend thousands before you get a stick tuned into to play the way you want it to.  That is where I can help!  I can dial in and personalize your cue.  It is amazing how many people don't realize that everything on the cue makes a difference.  Whether it be the taper, balance, ferrule, tip choice, diameter, or any of the numerous aspects of the cue which affects it's plays. 


    You can get a stick anywhere but at GSB Cues we will give you something you will always remember.  Give us a try and see how much your game can improve.

We are currently taking select orders and will have a selection of cues available soon!



Great hitting cues for the player!


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